About Dr. Jann


dr-jann-blackstone-glasses250pxDr. Jann Blackstone specializes in divorce, child custody, co-parenting, and stepfamily mediation and is often called the “Relationship Expert for Today’s Relationships” because of her “real life, down-to-earth” approach to relationship problem solving. She is the author of six books on divorce and parenting and a frequent guest or consultant on television and radio talk shows, including Good Morning America (ABC), The Today Show (NBC), Keeping Kids Healthy (PBS), the Early Show (CBS), and The Oprah Winfrey Show. She has been the featured expert in many magazines, including, Child, Parents, Parenting, Newsweek, Family Circle, More, Good Housekeeping, Redbook, BRIDES, Woman’s Day, and Working Mother Magazine.

In 1999, Dr. Jann founded and became the first Director of Bonus Families®, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to the peaceful co-existence between divorced or separated parents and their new families. Bonus Families® is working to change the way society views stepfamilies by supplying up-to-date co-parenting information via its Web site, counseling, mediation, and a worldwide support group network. They prefer to use the word “bonus” to the word step. Step implies negative things; however, a “bonus” is a reward for a job well done. The Bonus Families® Website has now become the most visited divorce and stepfamily Website on the Web. “Bonus…a step in the right direction.”

The most popular department on the Bonus Families® web site was Ex-Etiquette®, a Q& A column that addressed problems often faced when dealing with an ex or an ex’s new partner. It was originally co-written by Dr. Jann and her bonuskid’s mother, Sharyl Jupe, and evolved into a newspaper column in 2004. Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, Ex-Etiquette® now runs in hundreds of newspapers and websites around the world. Jann and Sharyl have also co-written the Ex-Etiquette series of books and remain great friends to this day, even though the children they raised together are now well into adulthood and having children of their own. In 2011, Sharyl decided to explore other endeavors and “Ex-Etiquette” is now written solely by Dr. Jann Blackstone.

Private Mediation,Teacher, and Lecturer

Dr. Jann Blackstone’s office is in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Since clients are often from outside the area, mediation services are available in three ways:

  • Face-to-face
  • Online (Skype)
  • Telephone

Dr. Jann also lectures and teaches classes and workshops on “Co-parenting after a Break-up” and “How to Turn your Stepfamily into a Bonusfamily.”

Most recent, 2015, Minnesota State Bar Association, Family Law Division

If you are interested in mediation, or you would like Dr. Jann to talk at your conference or group, please contact her at:

Dr. Jann Blackstone
PO Box 1238
Discovery Bay, CA 94505
(925) 516-2681


Books by Dr. Jann Blackstone

My Parents are Divorced, Too, a book for kids, by kids, published by the American Psychological Association, Magination Press.First and Second Edition
Midlife Motherhood, St. Martin’s Press
Ex-Etiquette for Parents: Good Behavior after Divorce or Separation, Chicago Review Press
Ex-Etiquette for Weddings, Chicago Review Press
Ex-Etiquette for Holidays and Other Special Occasions, Chicago Review Press